12/52: Scooby-Doo’ing

This weekend we were blessed with 2 wonderful days kid-free!  We marked the occasion by seeing several movies and eating food the kids would hate.  Friday night we had some friends over for a movie at our house.  There were 4 of us watching terrible horror movies until 2am.  As a result, this week we tried something we have never tried before – but always thought about trying – geocaching.  Apparently there is a cache near our house that one of our friends has always wanted to try and since we had a little bit before the movie we were going to watch, we decided to give it a try (even though it was far after dark.)  The cool thing about this one was that it is required to do at night, and, it included a series of puzzles to get to the end.  With the 4 of us and Bogart (our great dane) in tow, we felt like we were Mystery Inc!

This is what the end result was.  There was a visitor log inside.

This is our friend, Shaggy, signing the log as the “Scooby-Doo-Crew”.

It was lots of fun.  (On a side note, did you guys know how hard it is to take photos in the pitch dark?!)

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  1. Danyel

    That is so neat. We really want to try geocaching. I have read up on it and there is one near our house, just haven’t found the time. Now geocaching in the middle of the night after watching horror movies, that sounds like an adventure!

  2. E.

    Ha ha! I love that you took your great dane and did the whole thing as the Scooby-Doo Crew. I’ve never done geocaching before.

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