15/52: Just Dance!

As a family we have loved to dance for a long time.  The Hub’s dad teaches dancing at the local community college (as well as self-defense and coaching the baseball team) but despite his best influence, The Hubs is not a dancer (or a baseball enthusiast).  We enjoy car dancing (and our girls love to dance all the time.)  Of course this is not “real” dancing – really it’s not more than singing at the top of our lungs and moving as much as we can while in the seated position.  Well, that was until Just Dance 2 came into our house.  Now we all dance – in the standing position – trying to outscore each other.  I’m proud to announce that I am the high scorer of our family – 11,000 points.  It’s ok, you can be impressed.

Today’s photo of the week is Sissy and her sweet dance moves.  She loves the breakdancing!

(Added:  Click on the photos to make them bigger – making them smaller killed the color!)


Side Note:  Those of you feeling lucky today should link over to From Louisiana 2 China and join their fundraiser where they’re drawing for a $500 gift card!

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  1. E.

    We love Just Dance II! It is so much fun. And, being the home schoolers that we are, we use it for gym class now. I figure they’re sweating and they’re learning some moves, so it counts, right?

  2. Teri

    What an adorable child. So glad you have found some family fun. And car dancing? Is the best. :)

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