To say these couple of weeks have been a bummer would be an understatement.  As a result, I have been really bad about posting my weekly photos…BUT, I have been pretty good about actually taking the photos.

17/52:  Tasty

Several weeks ago, Hubs and I finally got some clear weather and used it as an excuse to jump on our motorcycle.  It was great – even if it was a short trip to dinner.  We were able to try a new Thai place that had just opened up in one of the trendier neighborhoods.  When they brought the Thai-Iced Coffee I just couldn’t help but take a photo.


18/52:  Familytime

Our kids are weird.  We took them to dinner and it ended up looking like this:

In. Public.  Oi.


19/52: Snack-size

Bogart hurt his shoulder several weeks ago so we ended up at the vet this week to get an x-ray.  Of course he’s a huge hit with all the techs and a bit of a celebrity there.  As we walked in to his appt one of the techs grabbed the smallest dog they had in the back so that we could giggle at their size difference.  This little thing was the size of Bogart’s head.  Too cute!

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  1. Jess Cadena

    I LOVE your blog Coley! Reading about your family is inspiring, wishing you the best through your adoption journeys!

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