At home: Week 1

Our transition home as been good, all-in-all.
As for pictures, I’ll get some up as soon as our house isn’t a wreck and my kids look decent. I have a cute picture of the two of them but Dee’s not wearing pants. I might photoshop some pants on him and post it….I’ll see what I can do.

Sissy: (Yes, we’ve decided to name her Sissy. I know that some people we’re opposed to it but I realize that we can’t please all of the people all of the time…it’s just the way it is. She enjoys it and so do we.) Her transition has been smooth, to say the least. For those families that we able to meet her in-country and were able to see the way she was before, wouldn’t even recognize her today; she SO happy-go-lucky, it’s not even funny! And each day just gets better and better! She’s learned to say “hello”, “goodbye”, “more”, and “no!”….she’s learning by leaps and bounds! Nap and bedtime is a fight still but that’s the way it was with Dee too, so we’re not phased by it. While she LOVES to play with Dee, he can be alittle rough with her still, after all, he’s a 4yo boy. One thing that I was amazed with is her adaptability with company and our roommate; One day we had about 9 people over, both friends and family, and she was totally ok with it. She was sociable and a complete ham! I think we have success!

Dee: We’ve been preparing Dee for her arrival for about a year and it seems to have worked. He loves her, although he doesn’t like her from time to time. We’ve been explaining to him that it’s ok for him to love her but not like her (all the time.) He was happy to know that. We have a stockpile of toys that are labeled “Dee only”, I’m trying to keep it down to just the big-kid toys but there are other things creeping in that will have to stop soon. Whatever he needs to do to make himself feel better.

That’s all for now. Dee is spending some one-on-one time with his Nana this weekend, which gives Hubs and I some breathing room from the toy issues. Maybe we’ll see a movie, or go have dinner….as long as my mom is in the house, we’re free to play tonight. Yay!

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  1. susan

    I actually like Kinhly better than Corden! So, count me “in favor”.

    I’m glad to hear that Diesel and Kinhly are doing well together. I say just crop the photo from the waist down and post it! ;o)

  2. Melissa

    I love the name Kinhly. It is beautiful as well as a great salute to her heritage. I am looking forward to seeing some pitures soon. I just started my own blog as well as a journey of adopting from Vietnam. Best wishes. Your blog has given me hope while I wait.

  3. Christina

    SO good to hear Kinhly is transitioning so well!

  4. Melanie

    I am so happy to hear that Kinhly’s transition has become so smooth. It’s great that the kids are getting along so well (most of the time). I love hearing such happy upadates. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  5. Nicki

    Sounds like a victorious week in all accounts!

  6. bluefairy

    Glad to hear your transition at home has been going relatively smoothly and that Kinhly’s adjusting well.
    Take Care and Enjoy!

  7. Dawn

    So glad you are home and your sweet daughter is free to be herself. The trip it self is so hard on them! She is beautiful.Reminds me so much of my own little girl from Vietnam.I can’t wait to get our daughter from China home too.
    Bless you all


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