Thanks and Questions Answered

I just wanted to post a quick thanks to those of you who answered my question about Sissy’s dry skin. I had NO clue there was such an issue with this. You guys are REALLY dedicated to skin care! I could never do all that! I hardly have time to make dinner every night. haha But I did go check out the lotion section with a little more vigor. I found Eucerin’s PLUS Intensive Repair Body Cream. The first time I used it she was soft for 2 days! Now we put it on after a bath and she’s good until the next bath time. FANTASTIC stuff! Try it. Really.

And, for those of you who asked how I’m feeling….I’m good. I noticed a few weeks ago that I was getting sicker during the day after eating meat. I stopped eating meat (it’s been several weeks now) and I’m feeling MUCH better. I’m still getting alittle upset in the evenings but I haven’t thrown up at all! I’ll be 10 weeks tomorrow. You know what that means? I’ll be 1/4 of the way done! Yay! Thank you guys SSOOO much for being so happy for us! I was afraid I might loose some readers over it but you guys have been great!

Oh and Jenn asked about the Japan adoption. There’s an agency named Reaching Out thru International Adoption that has has a pilot program in Japan. They have a waiting child list….they’re mostly school-aged, special needs kids. I don’t know anything about the agency, or their reputation, but I have received some paperwork from them. When we’re ready, I’ll do some more research. I do, however, remember reading about the process and the fact that Japan does not require a dossier. Just a homestudy and a 171.

This weekend the kids spent last night with their Nanna. Today I’m baby-free until 1:30! I’m off to the mall and the outlet stores for alittle shopping. Right now I’m watching Fatal Attraction. This movie is funny. I don’t find Glen Close attractive at all. haha

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  1. jenn

    Thank you for the Japan info. We looked into it once before and did not find much of anything. It is interesting how differently it works. Perhaps in the future for us, perhaps Vietnam again…who knows.

  2. Christina

    Thanks for the tip on the cream… I’m going to look for that at the store. (my own hands are so dry this time of year)
    We used Reaching Out for our Cambodian adoption. I’ll be happy to share with you about our experiences, when you’re ready to think about that stuff. :-)
    So glad you are feeling well and almost at the 1/4th mark already!

  3. Laurie

    We went the Aquaphor route ourselves, but Eucerin is equally wonderful! We also use Aveeno EVERYTHING – hydrocortisone, shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, etc. for our son. My husband jokes we should write to the company and see if they’ll sponsor us as long as we promise to recommend it to all future patients!
    Can’t imagine you’d lose any readers b/c of your wonderful news…and hey, if you did, you don’t want them reading your blog anyway!
    PS: does anyone find Glen Close attractive?

  4. mam

    I can’t believe you would lose readers because of your happy news…I’m glad that didn’t happen.

    Hey, by the way — your website just turned “normal” for me! On my home computer it was messed up, format-wise, but on my work computer it was fine…now home looks great too. Not sure what happened, by thanks!


  5. Nicki

    I’m so happy for you guys! I WANT to know all the pregnancy details and hope you will share. How much weight have you gained? Do you have any inklings about gender yet? Tell all!!

    Good rec on the lotion. Addison is such a dry-skinned girl, as are my boys.

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