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Blogging about no progress

Back in May (the 8th to be exact) I blogged about how news had come that we would likely not here any news until Nativeland tours were over .  Here we are a little over a month later and that’s still the case.  I feel bad blogging about how much waiting sucks – especially since most of my lovely readers are also APs and PAPs who have been waiting nearly as long (and some cases, even longer).  Today marks 646 days since we first requested to be King’s parents.  646 days and no hugs or kisses to show for it.

I’ve been trying really hard not to dwell and have done my best to fill our summer with events to keep me busy until August, when the obsessing can officially begin again.  The kids will be doing summer school programs, we have 2 trips to the beach planned, Hubs and I have 2 overnighter motorcycle trips already planned out….and I’m teaching a full schedule since our school is year ’round.  No summers off for this gal.  My goal for the whole year has been to read 25 books (trust me, that’s at huge uptick from years past) and according to my GoodReads ticker, I’m 13% ahead of the game.  Yay me.  Maybe I’ll finish by the end of the summer.  I’ve also just started a photography workshop that may get me out of this artistic rut I’ve been in…..although I’m not sure the rut is artistic in nature at all.

Let’s face it, to be honest I still hold out a glimmer of hope.  I still check my email over and over every morning until 11a when I am sure that the day’s hopes are dashed.  I still wake up every morning and think, “maybe this really is the day.”  I still get giddy on Sunday nights because a new week is full of 5 more “maybe today!”‘s.  I still torture myself in the evenings by looking at pictures of him and watching the videos we have of him over and over.

Most of the time to make myself feel better I have to play the “but at least” game.  For example:

We have been waiting 646 days, but at least, we have over 300 photos and videos of him that we’ve found on blogs and sites.  It doesn’t make the waiting feel good but it makes it bearable.

This game is how I feel better about a lot of things that some people could boo-hoo over when they’re feeling down.  Another example:

I am getting paid less than a public school teacher and I have to work through the summer, but at least, I have a job.   Other teachers I know are packing up their classrooms today not knowing whether or not they’ll have a job come fall.

I could do these all night, but the point is, as down and out as some of my blog posts may be lately, I hope you all know that I do realize all the blessings we have.  To be honest, I really didn’t have much to say tonight, I just wanted to check in, but I feel like I got a little heavy there for a minute.  To lighten it up a little I will leave you with this, which I stole from my friend Michelle:  (warning, please don’t click on it if you’re sensitive to language!)



The Hubs and I went on a motorcycle ride during our first afternoon of sunshine.  The weather in our little valley was a comfortable 75*.  Where does Hubs decide to take us?  Straight up!  We ended up going so far up in the mountain that there was still snow on the ground and my little knuckles were red and stinging.  The view was amazing and I tried to take photos from around his helmet.  The sky was so blue I had a hard time getting the mountain to show up at all in the photos.



The weekend following our mid-week motorcycle ride, was terribly rainy but the weekend after that was supposed to be nice – it was also the holiday weekend.  I wanted to be at the beach so I hunted for a very-last-minute rental at the coast.  Thank you CL, we found one Thursday night and thanks to my awesome job, we were able to leave the next afternoon as soon as the kids were out of school.  The sunset on the beach the following night was nice.  It was cold – but nice.


I’ve been messing around a little bit with my micro lens (I love that thing).  I was taking photos of the kids and just loved this one of Sissy.  She has the most beautiful eyes……


To say these couple of weeks have been a bummer would be an understatement.  As a result, I have been really bad about posting my weekly photos…BUT, I have been pretty good about actually taking the photos.

17/52:  Tasty

Several weeks ago, Hubs and I finally got some clear weather and used it as an excuse to jump on our motorcycle.  It was great – even if it was a short trip to dinner.  We were able to try a new Thai place that had just opened up in one of the trendier neighborhoods.  When they brought the Thai-Iced Coffee I just couldn’t help but take a photo.


18/52:  Familytime

Our kids are weird.  We took them to dinner and it ended up looking like this:

In. Public.  Oi.


19/52: Snack-size

Bogart hurt his shoulder several weeks ago so we ended up at the vet this week to get an x-ray.  Of course he’s a huge hit with all the techs and a bit of a celebrity there.  As we walked in to his appt one of the techs grabbed the smallest dog they had in the back so that we could giggle at their size difference.  This little thing was the size of Bogart’s head.  Too cute!

New Look

Things look a little different around here – can you tell?  I changed the theme up a bit and installed a new slider.  Let me know if anything isn’t working for you!

We learned about 2 weeks ago that something good had happened with the central agency handling King’s case and that it was possible files would be moving more quickly now than they had been this year.  Then last week we learned that the department was bogged down with stuff regarding an event that takes place in July and that it was unlikely that files would be moving anywhere until that event was over.  Long story short – we can kiss traveling by King’s 8th birthday, goodbye.  This last week was a really rough week but I think I’ve come to terms with things.  Instead of having my fingers crossed that we’ll travel by September, we’re now crossing our fingers that we’ll be traveling by Christmas.  In an effort to redirect my obsessions, I started working on my photography and finding workshops to enroll in over the summer, but then this week, I sent my camera to Nikon for service (pictures were a little mushy), and now I’ve got nothing.  This is where the blog redesign comes into play.  I’ve got 3 (or so) weeks until my camera comes back – expect another redesign (or two).  I’m SSOOO not good at waiting.

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16/52: Rarities

If you’ve been paying attention to my weekly photos at all, you’ve probably noticed that Dee is not in many of the photos.  He seems to be going through an awkward phase where smiling on cue is not on his “honey-do” list.  Well this last week we had ONE day of great weather and I tried to take advantage of it.  First we went to paint pottery, then we walked around, we went to the park, followed by a movie, and a nap.  It was a good day.  Along the way I was able to get Dee to smile for a couple of photos.  My fav – (click on them to make it bigger) –



So maybe he’s not smiling in this photo BUT there was ice cream involved and I think the happiness was on the inside (all the kids with their Unkie Luk.)


And finally, a photo of Sissy because she’s just too darn cute!

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