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15/52: Just Dance!

As a family we have loved to dance for a long time.  The Hub’s dad teaches dancing at the local community college (as well as self-defense and coaching the baseball team) but despite his best influence, The Hubs is not a dancer (or a baseball enthusiast).  We enjoy car dancing (and our girls love to dance all the time.)  Of course this is not “real” dancing – really it’s not more than singing at the top of our lungs and moving as much as we can while in the seated position.  Well, that was until Just Dance 2 came into our house.  Now we all dance – in the standing position – trying to outscore each other.  I’m proud to announce that I am the high scorer of our family – 11,000 points.  It’s ok, you can be impressed.

Today’s photo of the week is Sissy and her sweet dance moves.  She loves the breakdancing!

(Added:  Click on the photos to make them bigger – making them smaller killed the color!)


Side Note:  Those of you feeling lucky today should link over to From Louisiana 2 China and join their fundraiser where they’re drawing for a $500 gift card!


Happy Songkran everyone!!


Rumor has it, King had a great day and got soaked (just like last year!)

Still no word on his paperwork, but maybe in a couple of weeks.  I’d love to travel in September (before his 8th bday) but to do that, we need to have his paperwork by mid-May at the latest.  Sigh.

14/52: Bigger is better

I have told you guys how much I love my dog?  Seriously.  He can totally be annoying sometimes but he’s the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet.  He’s rather large and gets lots of attention where ever we go.  Today’s photo is of Bogart and Sissy:



I wish I had more for you guys.  Sadly, this week has been ripe with tooth pain and allergies so I’m pretty zapped today.  There were some “ups” this week (see Twitter feed on the right for proof) but this week is sure to be better!

13/52: The big ONE-OH

This week The Hubs and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  I would love to say that I was overwhelmed with happiness that we’ve been rockin’ this marriage thing for so long, but really, we both just felt really old!  I mean, we’re super happy too….just old and happy I guess.

We started the evening by dropping the 3 kiddos off at the in-laws and heading out for dinner.  Now if there are two things our city is known for it’s food and hipsters* – we celebrated our love for each other and our love for our city by taking in both of these things. First we had a fantastic dinner at a place that serves Southern fare with a modern twist – we have been here a dozen times but it’s always good.  We waited 40 minutes for a table (usual for our city) and ended up sitting at the bar, BUT, it was worth it.  Every time The Hubs took a bite he would say, “ohhh, that’s so good!”  After dinner we met up with 2 of our bestest friends and saw a live action “Bikini Beach Creature Feature”.  It was really cute and starred several of our locally “famous” burlesque dancers.  Finally around 10p we met up with a 3rd friend and took in the “hipsters” at a mini-golf art-installation that is only open for 6 weeks a year.

This is the second year The Hubs and I have been to this mini-golf / art thing, for our anniversary celebration.  Each hole is designed by a different artist.  Some involve airsoft guns, some involve hydraulic obstacles, some are a series of mazes you have to navigate with your golf ball.  All this packed into a warehouse where they serve you alcohol and encourage you to linger as long as you’d like.  These is where my picture of the week comes in:

This is the airsoft gun range where you load your ball and take aim for things hanging from the ceiling.  Our friends Thom and Feef are taking aim.

This is a golf ball in a catapult.

This is what you aim it at.

Sadly I only made it to 3rd place but it was generally accepted that since it was MY anniversary and I was the only lady in our group, I won.

All-in-all it was a good anniversary.  The Hubs and I had fun our own way and celebrated it with great friends.  We had always hoped that on our 10th anniversary we would hold an actual wedding ceremony (our first one was a courthouse affair) but it just didn’t feel right to leave King out of it.  Maybe we’ll do it on our 15th.

OH!  And also I’ve had a few people ask me about posting my Daily Joy project here on the blog.  I felt weird about making a whole post about it everyday (since they’re usually so short) but I started a Twitter account and put a widget on the side ——->  I’ve been updating it everyday for the last week or so.  Feel free to follow it if you’d like, or join along in doing it.


*Close your eyes and imagine a 6ft tall man.  Now, imagine that man is wearing jeans, an ugly sweater-vest, and a suit-jacket.  Also imagine he’s sporting a handle-bar mustache and hair that looks like it hasn’t been washed in a week and cut in 6 months.  He’s sipping a bourbon and water while he disses the people who he believes fall into the “mainstream”.  There you have a Hipster.

For further ideas on what you can mock our city for having, watch Portlandia on IFC.

12/52: Scooby-Doo’ing

This weekend we were blessed with 2 wonderful days kid-free!  We marked the occasion by seeing several movies and eating food the kids would hate.  Friday night we had some friends over for a movie at our house.  There were 4 of us watching terrible horror movies until 2am.  As a result, this week we tried something we have never tried before – but always thought about trying – geocaching.  Apparently there is a cache near our house that one of our friends has always wanted to try and since we had a little bit before the movie we were going to watch, we decided to give it a try (even though it was far after dark.)  The cool thing about this one was that it is required to do at night, and, it included a series of puzzles to get to the end.  With the 4 of us and Bogart (our great dane) in tow, we felt like we were Mystery Inc!

This is what the end result was.  There was a visitor log inside.

This is our friend, Shaggy, signing the log as the “Scooby-Doo-Crew”.

It was lots of fun.  (On a side note, did you guys know how hard it is to take photos in the pitch dark?!)

11/52: The little things.

So since I’ve been doing the daily joy on my Facebook every night before bed (give to take a few nights I go to bed early and do them first thing in the morning), I try to look back at them when I’m having a particularly bad day.  This week was pretty “blah” in general and when I looked back over this week’s posts to find the joys in my week, several of the posts involved The Hubs making me popcorn for a late night snack.  Popcorn is a favorite of mine and what can I say, he takes care of me when I’m feeling “blah”.  Some days it’s the little things that make a day joyful.

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