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Just call me trained.

The weather here is still lame; Today marked our 20th straight day of rain.  While this time of year is usually marked by longer days allowing us extra doses of vitamin D (which makes me happy), with the rain and the clouds, it’s like dusk all day long.  I’m usually a sucker for a rainy day but it’s been just a little much for me.  As a result of my funk, I’ve needed several cups of coffee a day just to function – generally one in the morning and one in the evening.  When I say “cup of coffee” I’m talking 20 oz. quad shot Americano – 2 times a day….just to function.  The local coffee shop knows me by name and often has my drink ready when I drive up from a long line.  The kids have become accustom to suckers from time to time provided by the adorable high school girls who run the shop.  Today I was asked how many lollipops I wanted with my normal evening coffee.  Without even thinking about it I said 4.  As I distributed the lollipops to the kids I was confused by why I still had one left.  It was for King.  Automatically I had answered 4, without realizing that I only had 3 kids in the car.  Ugh, it made me so sad.  I’m trained to care for 4 kids but only have 3 to give lollipops to.  :-(

Speaking of King, there is still no news on where we are in the process of bringing him home.  From what I know we are still waiting for his “child history” to be completed which is technically the first step to the matching process.  Nine months after the start of his adoption and we are still at square #1.  It’s so frustrating I just want to scream.  When we first made the commitment with our agency to pursue his adoption, back in Sept ’09, we thought for sure that we would beat the 12 month estimations and have him home by summer ’10.  Now here we are summer ’10 and very well may be looking at another 9 months (or more) before he’ll be home.  My hope of having him home by his 7th birthday fades a little more each day that passes with no news.

I’m going to go pout now.

Edited to Add:  I just put up our adoption timeline and realized that tomorrow marks the anniversary of our first homestudy visit.  Upgrade that pout to a super pout.


Sometimes it’s nice to have a fresh start at something you’ve been doing for a while. Things get stagnate, passion fads, interest gets lost. That’s what this blog is for me – a fresh start. When I started blogging a number of years ago I was big eyed and dreamy. I was 100% open with our identities, I shared where we live, where we worked, and felt that doing so meant that I trusted my readers. We went through our whole first adoption this way. Several years later at the beginning of our second adoption I suddenly became guarded and password protected the whole thing in an effort to not compromise our process. I did it thinking that dedicated readers would ask for a password to keep following along. Many did – more did not. A while later I started meeting new adoptive parents and heard numerous accounts of “I LOVED your blog but when you went password, I didn’t think you’d give it to me, so I didn’t ask.” Hearing this made me so sad!

So this is my fresh start. Blog #1 was mainly adoption related and while I tried to transition it to family stuff, it never really made it all the way there. We are once again involved in an adoption but since we are forced to be a little quieter this time around, I find myself wanting to talk about other things in the meantime. My two blogs will not be linked but I will do my best to continue to update both.

Let me introduce you to our family. “We” consist of 5 characters – well actually 6.
There’s me, Coley:

My husband of 9 years, The Hubs:

Our oldest son, Dee:

Our oldest daughter, Sissy:

Our youngest daughter, Lolee:

And our 6th member, our youngest son, King:

The Hubs and I were married in 2001 after a whirlwind courtship that had much of our family worried that we had made the wrong choice.  9 years later and people are still amazed with our “normality”.

Dee was born after a terribly uneventful 9 months – as far as everyone but my butt was concerned, she put on 90 pounds.  That was the biggest event she’s ever known.  The same goes for Lolee – although I only gained 60 pounds that time.

Sissy was adopted from Vietnam when she was 2 years old. Her adoption was super smooth and quick. We waited 6 weeks from referral to travel and spent 3 weeks traveling the amazing country of her birth. In total, from our initial agency application to return home, her adoption took 12 months – to the day. Her adjustment in country was a nightmare and I spent much of our travel time crying while wrestling with a crying toddler. We must have looked like quite the pair. She grieved during our entire trip. Once we got home and started to settle in, Sissy fell in love with Dee and their relationship helped us build a relationship with her. Years later she is a well adjusted and very healthily attached child.

King’s adoption is still in process. He is currently living in Thailand where he resides in a home specifically serving children who are HIV+. Which he is. Despite what some may think about his medical condition, his numbers are fantastic and doctors tell us that he’s doing very well. We’ve been waiting patiently (or not so patiently really) to bring him home since Sept. 2009. Currently about 8.5 months and counting. Sadly, it looks as though we are in it for another 8.5 months or so. Thankfully we have wonderful contact with the director of the home and have been getting regular photos and letters from him. It makes the wait just that much easier, and harder at the same time. Secretly I still hope to have him home by his 7th birthday in September.  But that’s probably not happenin’. | 502: Bad gateway

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