Who’s ready for summer?

We are, we are!  Seriously, it’s been raining here all month.  I heard on the news that we are having the 10th rainest May in our state’s history with over 4″.  And we still have all weekend to go.  With rain in the forecast all the way through the holiday, we could be looking at 3rd or 4th rainest.  I don’t think these people understand – Dee NEEDS to be outside.  He needs to do all the running and climbing and jumping that the nicer weather affords.  School has precious few weeks left in session and my patience is already waning.

Rain, rain go away.

You don’t know peace

until you’ve had children, and then had them leave for a period of time.  The Hubs and I have been very lucky to live near our families during these years that our kids are younger.  And even luckier that they like to take the kids for overnight trips.  Tonight is just one of those nights.  So far The Hubs and I have watched 3 movies and haven’t gotten off the couch unless it involved important things like the leftover KrispyKremes in the kitchen.

Yes, it’s Sunday, and yes, the kids have school in the morning but does taking a 1/2 day on a Monday really make a difference?  In my professional educator opinion, no, not in the long run.

Now it’s off to have a night of sleep that doesn’t include being peed on, awoken by demands for more milk, or smothered by ten million stuffed animals.  But it’s also a night without being awoken by little arms wrapped around your neck.  They can’t all be wins.

Fun, but at what cost?

Today The Hubs took a half day at work so that we could take the kids to see Shrek 4 before the crowds exploded.  All 3 of them had been looking forward to it for weeks upon weeks.  We couldn’t drive anywhere without hearing Lolee shout “Hey, it’s Swek!” everytime we drive by a billboard.  The movie itself was cute….just like the other ones.  The kids laughed, Lolee tried really hard to stay in her seat, and as a group we ate through a large popcorn and 2 medium lemonades (although we probably could have eaten 2 popcorns if I would have let them get a refill.)  Honestly though, hours later, I’m still in sticker-shock!

4 tickets to the afternoon movie in 3D (2 children and 2 adults with a free baby under 3)…………….. $45.00

1 large popcorn, 2 medium drinks and a box of sweettarts……………… $24.00

$69.00 trip to the movies……………… not totally worth it.

It is my estimation that once King joins us and Lolee is old enough to be charged for a seat, we will spend upwards of $100 for a simple 2 hour trip to the movies.  Seriously?!  Does anyone remember the day when you could get a movie ticket and buy yourself enough treats to make you want to puke, for less than $10?  Now you can’t even get a spot to park yer butt for that amount.  No wonder families are going broke – they just want to have a little regular fun but the things that they’re used to are getting crazy, out of control expensive.  Ok, maybe that’s not the only reason, but it might be one of them.

The quest for work

I’m working today as a substitute at a school I love.  I’ve worked here for the last 5 or so years in various positions but today it makes me sad.  These are the last few weeks I will be here before I have to move on. Graduating from school has been bitter sweet in that regard.  I have to leave the school that has no open math teaching positions, and find a school that is hiring.  Yea, good luck with that one, right?  With my newly obtained master’s degree I have to get a real job.  One that pays a living wage – and provides insurance.  I could sub all year and probably make out just fine but the kids and I can’t be without insurance.  Makes me sad but it’s the grown up thing to do.  Ugh, I get shivers just thinking about the possibility of having to work in a main-stream math classroom.  One that houses an assembly line of middle schoolers – 30 in for 60 minutes, 30 out and break for 5 minutes – 30 new ones in for 60 minutes, 30 out and break for 5 minutes – repeat for 6 periods a day.  *shiver*

4th period is about to start, I just have to enjoy what I have for now and cross my fingers that I can find an alternative program that’s hiring.  Wish me luck.


Sometimes it’s nice to have a fresh start at something you’ve been doing for a while. Things get stagnate, passion fads, interest gets lost. That’s what this blog is for me – a fresh start. When I started blogging a number of years ago I was big eyed and dreamy. I was 100% open with our identities, I shared where we live, where we worked, and felt that doing so meant that I trusted my readers. We went through our whole first adoption this way. Several years later at the beginning of our second adoption I suddenly became guarded and password protected the whole thing in an effort to not compromise our process. I did it thinking that dedicated readers would ask for a password to keep following along. Many did – more did not. A while later I started meeting new adoptive parents and heard numerous accounts of “I LOVED your blog but when you went password, I didn’t think you’d give it to me, so I didn’t ask.” Hearing this made me so sad!

So this is my fresh start. Blog #1 was mainly adoption related and while I tried to transition it to family stuff, it never really made it all the way there. We are once again involved in an adoption but since we are forced to be a little quieter this time around, I find myself wanting to talk about other things in the meantime. My two blogs will not be linked but I will do my best to continue to update both.

Let me introduce you to our family. “We” consist of 5 characters – well actually 6.
There’s me, Coley:

My husband of 9 years, The Hubs:

Our oldest son, Dee:

Our oldest daughter, Sissy:

Our youngest daughter, Lolee:

And our 6th member, our youngest son, King:

The Hubs and I were married in 2001 after a whirlwind courtship that had much of our family worried that we had made the wrong choice.  9 years later and people are still amazed with our “normality”.

Dee was born after a terribly uneventful 9 months – as far as everyone but my butt was concerned, she put on 90 pounds.  That was the biggest event she’s ever known.  The same goes for Lolee – although I only gained 60 pounds that time.

Sissy was adopted from Vietnam when she was 2 years old. Her adoption was super smooth and quick. We waited 6 weeks from referral to travel and spent 3 weeks traveling the amazing country of her birth. In total, from our initial agency application to return home, her adoption took 12 months – to the day. Her adjustment in country was a nightmare and I spent much of our travel time crying while wrestling with a crying toddler. We must have looked like quite the pair. She grieved during our entire trip. Once we got home and started to settle in, Sissy fell in love with Dee and their relationship helped us build a relationship with her. Years later she is a well adjusted and very healthily attached child.

King’s adoption is still in process. He is currently living in Thailand where he resides in a home specifically serving children who are HIV+. Which he is. Despite what some may think about his medical condition, his numbers are fantastic and doctors tell us that he’s doing very well. We’ve been waiting patiently (or not so patiently really) to bring him home since Sept. 2009. Currently about 8.5 months and counting. Sadly, it looks as though we are in it for another 8.5 months or so. Thankfully we have wonderful contact with the director of the home and have been getting regular photos and letters from him. It makes the wait just that much easier, and harder at the same time. Secretly I still hope to have him home by his 7th birthday in September.  But that’s probably not happenin’.

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