4/52: Love

This weekend I traveled to Dallas to meet with some women who I’ve been talking online with for what can only be referred to as “years and years”.  I was gone all of 2 days – leaving Friday and returning today (Sunday).  Before I left on Friday, Dee was having some serious anxiety about me leaving.  First he was worried about my plane crashing, then it was that I would get “burgled”, and finally he said, “What if you get run over by a bull??”  Obviously he survived my absence, and I survived the trip.  When I got home from the airport this afternoon (after being met by “The Hubs” at the pick-up area with a mocha), look what I found on our front window (yes, my house needs painting – don’t look at that, read the huge note on the window.)

If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Blogger Envy

Have you ever read a blog and thought to yourself, “How the hell can they do all that?” You know the ones I’m talking about – they drive the latest cars, have 10 adopted children, take them all to Disneyland every year, have semi-serious photography “businesses”, update their blogs everyday, take regular photos of their kids in their seemingly spotless 5,000 sq. ft. house, have the best marriages to the most wonderful men, etc, etc, etc., meanwhile you just struggle to drag your butt out of bed everyday and at 11:30p drag it back to bed and wonder where the hell your day went and how you managed to get so few tangible things done. Well let me share a tidbit with you – they’re probably lying about a lot of it. And even though I know this, some of them for a hard fact, I’m still struck with Blogger Envy when I see their blogs, hear about their new shiny crap, and see the photos of their children who never seem to stop being spotlessly clean and irritatingly happy.
Well guess what? I promise you that I have a really hard time getting up in the morning, I am not above barricading myself in the bathroom for quiet time, I am usually late for work, and as a result, late for class – that I teach – I tell my students that I’ll read their papers when I know I’ll just never have the time, I come home from work and get on the computer to catch up on the day, The Hubs is the ones that cooks, my house is usually a wreck, I think I have mice in my garage and ants in the kids’ playroom under the couch where Lolee’s 1/2 eaten missing PB&J probably is, and there are some days on the weekend where I don’t get out of my PJs. I can’t make a whole lot of promises in my life but I can promise that I don’t embellish the truth by bragging about how perfect my kids are, or aim to have the most popular blog on the internets by flashing all my cool toys in your face. I hope that’s enough to make you a happy reader. /irritated rant about things other than adoption

3/52: Peace

My friend Michelle and I were talking about the weekly photo selection earlier this week and the subject of “peace” came up.  As it turns out, both she and I could use a little more peace in our lives – I know, shocker, right?  As a result, this week’s theme is “Peace”.  I’m sure she and I will demonstrate it differently but that’s the whole point.

Now it shouldn’t come as a surprise to many of you, but as Laura pointed out in a different post, I happen to be a bit of an overachiever.  Ok so she’s didn’t exactly word it that way, but I’ll be the first to admit that I am what I would call a task oriented person.  Working towards something is what gives me a drive – it’s probably why I had such a hard time after finishing college.  My need to work towards something does not lend itself very well to the adoption world.  After Sissy’s adoption I read a book on Post-Adoption Blues because I was concerned about the sudden drop in productivity making me a little depressed.  This time around, I’m needing that book before we are even done with the adoption.  After all, working towards a goal when you have no control over how quickly things move can lead you to need a great deal of peace.

This weekend, this is how I found my peace:

RMLS searches!

The Hubs and I have decided that when King gets home, we will attempt to sell our house.  We’ve put a good deal of money into our house over the last couple of years while we whittled away at our principle.  I believe that we can get out of our house despite the state of the economy and with the help of The Hubs’ VA loan, we will be able to get into a bigger place – which we desperately need – especially as the threat of 4 teenagers looms closer every year.

For now, peace comes to me as I look at houses and think about the little things we can do around ours to make it more marketable.

All is quiet in the west…..

No news on that previously reported rumor.  It’s been 2 weeks since we heard it could happen “at any time” but we’re far from the only ones in this boat of ambiguity.  If nothing else, this extended timeline has given me some extra time to build some relationships and do some reading/research on older child adoption and attachment.  It’s become my new goal to dive into those topics until the day comes that we will actually be using their theories to help King.

My resolutions have been going well and I’ve been completing my “Daily Joy” exercises every day now for the last 21 days.  To be honest they’ve been very helpful.  It’s been nice to be able to look back at my week when I’m feeling particularly blue and see a list of all the good things that have happened in my week.  In the heat of a “downer” it’s not always easy to see the positives.  One of my best ones from last week was about my kids at work.  Our newest class tested their first 3 official GED tests and out of 39 administered tests, 37 of them were passing!  95% success rate is pretty darn good when some of them walked into my classroom with a 6th grade reading level last fall.  I’m so incredibly proud of them all – I can’t wait to brag them up at our graduation ceremony in June.

I also had a doctor’s appt several weeks ago with my new insurance provider and they really wanted to run the whole gamete of testing on me.  Good news: my thyroid is good, my liver function is strong, and my B12 levels (as well as all the other little things) are right where they should be.  Bad news: my Vit. D levels (which in a healthy adult should be between 50-75) were a whopping 8.  That’s right – EIGHT.  Now I know that we live in a place that not exactly known for it’s abundance of sunshine (in fact is regularly joked that we have liquid sunshine) but 8 is pretty stinkin’ low and qualifies me for the label, “severely deficient”.  I’ve been on supplements for about 10 days now and I’m feeling pretty good.  Fingers crossed that I’ll get some more energy (which has been historically low) and I’ll be feeling a little more perky (which has never been my strong suit) once my body realizes what it’s been missing.  Anyone have any experience with this?

All and all, the little joys have added up and so far things in 2011 have been good.  I’m looking forward to a “girl’s weekend” next week where I’ll be hanging out with Dallas with some girlfriends and having a blast.  It’s a much needed me-cation, BUT, I also hope for it to serve as a celebration.  I won’t be holding my breath – just counting up the daily joy life has to bring.

2/52: Friends

This week’s theme is “friends”.

Several years ago Sissy was given a Leapfrog interactive toy.  The toy was programed with her name and taught her things like the alphabet and numbers 1-10.  She out-grew it quickly and the toy was set aside for the day Lolee would be interested in it.  This week seems to be the time because she and this Leapfrog have been inseparable.  She didn’t give it a name but instead just calls it “friend”.  She takes her friend to watch movies, tucks her friend into bed, and makes sure that her friend is not excluded from just about anything she does.  Just today I told Lolee I’d like to take her picture and she replied with, “Don’t forget my friend!”  She even insisted that I take a few pictures of him on his own.

I know what you’re thinking, and thankfully he doesn’t speak to her, or tell her to do things – YET.  I will not hesitate to “lose” him if that day does come.  I’ve seen too many movies to fall for that one!

1/52: Food

I know I’m a day late on the first Sunday photo for 2011 but to be honest, I forgot. Thank you to Michelle at Waiting For Sophie for reminding me with her post today. I was looking through the photos I took last week on my phone (since honestly I haven’t even picked up my fancy camera all week) and I noticed that food seems to be a reoccurring theme, so there you go. Week #1’s official theme is food. Here are two of my favorites:

Yes, that’s a bacon benedict and yes, that’s a chocolate mustache on a stick. I wanted so badly to buy that chocolate mustache on a stick but I could not justify spending $8 on such a small piece of chocolate – although, in hindsight, I may have to go back and get it. It’d be very cute to get photos of the kids with it!

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