How is it almost over?

How is it that summer is almost over?!  I think we have about 6 weeks left here before Sissy and Dee will start their new school years.  I’ll tell you, I don’t think we got nearly as much done as we would have liked.  I still want to work on reading and swimming.  Right now Dee is taking a cartooning class (which is good because he’s a very talented artist) and Sissy is taking a gymnastics class (which is good because she’s very coordinated).  They are loving it so far.

This summer has also been very good for the Hubs and I – last weekend we went on a 3 day motorcycle trip with some family members.  We rode to places we’ve never seen before, which was actually quite sad because we have lived here our whole lives.  We took some of our local friends and in total, I think there were 22 bikes in attendance.  We were quite the sight to see.  After the 3rd day, I was looking pretty haggard – don’t judge.  It’s hard to keep your hair looking good when you have to take a full-face helmet off every couple of hours.

In regular news, the job front is looking pretty good here.  I had a second interview for a school in our area.  They are “processing my application” which to me means that they are checking references and school stuff.  I should know in the next couple of weeks whether or not I got it.  In the meantime I am still applying at other schools and have another interview on Monday.  So far with having sent out about 25 applications and resumes, I’ve gotten 3 interviews – 2 of those had me back for a second interview and the other one hasn’t happened yet.  My stats are pretty good so far.  I applied for another job yesterday that I’m really hoping to interview for.  I teach Math generally but teaching GED classes would be the bees knees.

What do you deserve?

Deserve.  I hate that word.  In a world of economic uncertainty, the word “deserve” seems to be included into nearly every low-rent advertisement, from payday loans to laptop computers.

“I can finally buy my kids the computer they deserve!”

“You deserve a luxury car.”

“Isn’t it about time you give your family the vacation they deserve?”

Ugh, seriously.  At what point do you deserve something?  Is it something you’ve earned?  Something you’ve saved up for?  Does it have to do with how much you work?  How much you deprive yourself on a daily basis?

I think our entire problem is that we’ve been “programed” to believe that we deserve things that we haven’t actually earned in any way shape or form.  Now I believe that people deserve some things – appropriate healthcare, fair access to things like education, safety, a loving and supportive family, etc.  But they cannot do nothing and still deserve things like new computers, vacations, luxury items and the such.  Drives me crazy.  [/rant]

Am I turning blue yet?

Despite my breath holding, things seem to be ok this week.  The week after my last post continued to be hitchless and we rolled right on into the weekend, and The Hubs’ birthday, smoothly.

Speaking of his birthday – The Hubs turned 30 this weekend and we celebrated by having a wonderful dinner in our very foodie city, and playing a round of pirate themed mini-golf.  Several nights later we went and saw Anthony Bourdain speak about his new book.  The Hubs was very excited about this – when we were in Vietnam, he followed in Bourdain’s footsteps and ate a still-beating Cobra heart.  We were hoping to ask what he recommended in Thailand, but didn’t get the chance as it was terribly busy.  We did however, score two signed copies of the newest release.

Hubs claims it was a good birthday, but I wish we could have done more.  Vegas would have been nice but with Thailand up in the air, we’re cash poor at the moment.

Our only little hiccup happened today when we received word that Dee did not make it into the TAG program as his teacher was hoping.  I called and requested copies of his test results so that we can foster the areas where he excelled, even if it was not profound enough to qualify him for TAG.

On the job front, things are still slow going.  I’ve been placed on several “eligible” lists but have not yet been called for interviews.  I continue to apply and apply and apply – meanwhile I am researching PhD programs.  Everyone in my field has a Masters degree – maybe a PhD will set me above the others.  (Can you tell I’m getting a little down about the whole thing?)  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Holding my breath

Have you ever had so many good things come your way that you end up spending the next week(s) holding your breath for the bad stuff to come?  That’s me this week.  Last Saturday I took a test and walked out of it feeling pretty good, then went straight to my graduate school graduation (my first ever!), afterwards The Hubs and I went right from the graduation to a motorcycle driven coastal getaway where we spent 2 nights kid-free (!).  It was great.  Then on the way home we heard that King’s “child history” was completed – YAHOO!!  We’ve been waiting for this step for nearly 9 full months.  When we finally arrived home we found a card from him in the mailbox and I learned that I am on the “Eligible Hiring List” for several jobs that I have applied to.

That’s just too much good news in 4 short days!  Of course I’m hoping that it keeps coming but I’m scared that it’ll all come to a screeching halt.

Just call me trained.

The weather here is still lame; Today marked our 20th straight day of rain.  While this time of year is usually marked by longer days allowing us extra doses of vitamin D (which makes me happy), with the rain and the clouds, it’s like dusk all day long.  I’m usually a sucker for a rainy day but it’s been just a little much for me.  As a result of my funk, I’ve needed several cups of coffee a day just to function – generally one in the morning and one in the evening.  When I say “cup of coffee” I’m talking 20 oz. quad shot Americano – 2 times a day….just to function.  The local coffee shop knows me by name and often has my drink ready when I drive up from a long line.  The kids have become accustom to suckers from time to time provided by the adorable high school girls who run the shop.  Today I was asked how many lollipops I wanted with my normal evening coffee.  Without even thinking about it I said 4.  As I distributed the lollipops to the kids I was confused by why I still had one left.  It was for King.  Automatically I had answered 4, without realizing that I only had 3 kids in the car.  Ugh, it made me so sad.  I’m trained to care for 4 kids but only have 3 to give lollipops to.  :-(

Speaking of King, there is still no news on where we are in the process of bringing him home.  From what I know we are still waiting for his “child history” to be completed which is technically the first step to the matching process.  Nine months after the start of his adoption and we are still at square #1.  It’s so frustrating I just want to scream.  When we first made the commitment with our agency to pursue his adoption, back in Sept ’09, we thought for sure that we would beat the 12 month estimations and have him home by summer ’10.  Now here we are summer ’10 and very well may be looking at another 9 months (or more) before he’ll be home.  My hope of having him home by his 7th birthday fades a little more each day that passes with no news.

I’m going to go pout now.

Edited to Add:  I just put up our adoption timeline and realized that tomorrow marks the anniversary of our first homestudy visit.  Upgrade that pout to a super pout.

This is why I hate surprises.

A conversation between Me and Lolee this morning:

Lolee:  Mommy, my butt hurts.

Mommy:  Well, are you poopy?

Lolee:  NO!  Just pee-pee.

Mommy:  Well Lolee, where should you be going pee-pee?

Lolee:  In the toilet.

Mommy:  Ok…… why don’t you??

Lolee:  To surprise you!

Mommy:  To surprise me?!

Lolee: Yea, you and daddy!  SURPRISE!  I pee-peed in my diaper! | 502: Bad gateway

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