It’s been a while – but it’s worth it!

For the first time in this blog’s history, I come bearing good news!  Can you believe it??

On May 3rd we received word that King’s paperwork was not only completed but that copies were in the mail.  Would you be shocked to learn that it was true??  I was!  To say that we mailed back the acceptance papers with a quickness would be an understatement!

Once the papers were completed we had to wait to be presented to the board so that they could officially grant us a match.  Since the board only meets twice a month, we had to wait over and over for our case to be presented by the social worker that works with our agency.  I’m happy to report that after months of waiting, we were presented and APPROVED last week.  Our papers are once again “in the mail” and we should have the opportunity to file our final paperwork with the US government as soon as next week!

Cautiously I hope that we’ll be in Thailand in September.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

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  1. Ruth Rally

    WoooHooo….You don’t know me but I have checked your blog 2-3 times a week since your last post hoping to hear good news. I am not a stalker….we adopted our youngest, a girl, from Vietnam. She is now 5. Good luck and I hope things will start moving smoothly for you!

  2. Jen T.

    I am ECSTATIC that you finally have good news to share! I LONG for the day when we see pictures of you with King and hear about your adventures, successes and setbacks. Thanks for posting!

  3. Shea

    I’m so happy for you! You give me hope because I’m afraid I’m on the same path of delays that you experienced, and living through this I’m further in awe that you waited as long as you did. Have fun planning the trip. Your son is so close…

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