Keep your fingers crossed

In early January we were told that King’s “child history” was completed and sent to the capital for approval – this is what we had waited 15+ months for. (Once the document is approved and sent to us, we will sign off on it and he will officially be matched in the eyes of their officials.) In January we were riding a high but as the months have passed, we started to wonder what was happening with things. Many emails later we finally heard last week that his file had been reviewed but then was promptly returned to the social-worker for an update….. dang, SO CLOSE! Good news though – the update was completed the same day! And the file was sent back to the capital. We’ve heard that it could be as little as 1-2 weeks for capital approval, or, more realistically, 1-2 months. Please keep your fingers crossed that it’s sooner, rather than later! We received some new photos and I have the perfect one to use when we get that approval! I’d love to show it to you!

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  1. Jen T.

    Oh my gosh, that would be so great to get your official match SOON! You’ve waited long enough for your sweet boy! I’m praying that 1-2 weeks really IS more like 1-2 weeks (for once) and that this bal gets ROLLING!

  2. Jeska

    I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for you! I know its been a tough ride, but it appears the giant wheels of bureaucracy are now turning a little faster…

  3. Danyel

    Wow. What great news. Yeah for the person who returned the update in the same day!

  4. Jules

    So glad to hear that things are progressing!

  5. Christina

    I’ll cross my fingers AND say a prayer. :) What a tough long wait you are enduring. May it be over soon.

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