New Look

Things look a little different around here – can you tell?  I changed the theme up a bit and installed a new slider.  Let me know if anything isn’t working for you!

We learned about 2 weeks ago that something good had happened with the central agency handling King’s case and that it was possible files would be moving more quickly now than they had been this year.  Then last week we learned that the department was bogged down with stuff regarding an event that takes place in July and that it was unlikely that files would be moving anywhere until that event was over.  Long story short – we can kiss traveling by King’s 8th birthday, goodbye.  This last week was a really rough week but I think I’ve come to terms with things.  Instead of having my fingers crossed that we’ll travel by September, we’re now crossing our fingers that we’ll be traveling by Christmas.  In an effort to redirect my obsessions, I started working on my photography and finding workshops to enroll in over the summer, but then this week, I sent my camera to Nikon for service (pictures were a little mushy), and now I’ve got nothing.  This is where the blog redesign comes into play.  I’ve got 3 (or so) weeks until my camera comes back – expect another redesign (or two).  I’m SSOOO not good at waiting.

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  1. Jen T.

    Totally love the new banner. It’s fun to see your kids pics! Well, I’m glad you have SOME news, even if it’s not what we had all hoped for. I can only imagine King having a Christmas unlike anything he’s ever experienced before! Maybe mother nature could even rustle up some actual snowfall for him. 😉

  2. melissa

    Love the new look! It looks great on my regular computer monitor screen. On my iPad the blog lists on the right aren’t in a straight column but are kind of scattered around under the headings, but that’s the iPad’s fault, I’m sure. That pic of K and Bogart…so awesome.

  3. Mamakallen

    Still praying for your family. I look forward to your happy news that things are coming together and King will be coming home.

  4. E.

    Like the new look. Love the header. I had to watch all the pictures before I could even read the post. Sorry to hear things are pushed back again. That just beyond sucks.

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