Redirecting energy

I’m not afraid to say that this summer in the PacNW has been l.a.m.e.

110% lame.

Warm weather has been fleeting, rain has been fairly frequent, and I’m not sure we really ever met summer at all.  I’m still hopeful that we’ll get our indian summer.  But for now, we’ll live with our sweaters out of storage – just in case.  As you can probably tell, I’ve changed my site – yet again.  Boredom my dear friends.  Shear, unadulterated boredom.  We’ve been to the bland coast 2-3 times.  We hit the drive-in movie theater.  I took a photography workshop and signed up for another one.  I changed my work schedule to 4/10’s.  I started working on my new photoblog.  We’ve had drama with the neighbors.  I’m trying VERY hard to redirect my nervous energy. Sissy and I celebrate our birthdays next week.  King and Lolee will celebrate in September……..

How many more days until Nativeland 2011 is over??  Le sigh.

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  1. Lawmommy

    Oh, hey, it wasn’t all lame, was it? The aquarium with some super cool kids was fun, wasn’t it? ;-p

  2. Catie

    We are trying to stay busy as well!! I love the new look and would LOVE to take some photography classes. I really like the pictures you have on your blog. I have been praying for you and King so much!!!! I hope you are all united soon!!! I have loved following your journey and will continue to as we all wait for our little ones to come home to our families.

  3. Mrs Young

    I am sorry that you even have to write waiting posts! :( I really hope you get good progress after Nativeland is done. We all want King to come home! How sweet that will be!!!

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