Thought for this week: Be Hopeful

The Hubs and I have a dry-erase calendar hanging above our bed where I attempt to stay organized.  Honestly, I do a pretty terrible job at it.  I’m a little more successful however at using the “notes” section to leave us little inspirational thoughts for the following days or weeks.  Usually it just says this:


Thought for today:  Be Awesome

Thought for tomorrow:  Continue to be Awesome

But today, I erased our old standard of awesomeness and wrote something new:

Thought for this week:  Be Hopeful

Now you may ask yourself, “Why on Earth would Coley write something like that?”  To which I would reply, “BECAUSE NATIVELAND IS OVER!”  YeeHawww!!  I sincerely hope that everyone who attended Nativeland 2011 had a wonderful time, but now it’s time to get back to business.  King has some paperwork that needs processing (along with many of the other families I know!)  Our agency’s worker has been in Thailand for the last several weeks – attempting to get some work done, and getting to enjoy some of the festivities.  She will return this week…possibly with some news.  And while I’d like to think that people will actually get back to processing things this week, in all reality it’ll be several weeks, but one can be hopeful, right??  There’s another board meeting on August 10th and again on August 24th, I’d like to think we have a chance at either of them.  King turns EIGHT in September and this would be the best present ever!

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  1. Mamakallen

    Be hopeful! Amen! I hope August is your family’s great month. King needs to come home soon!

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